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Vest-All : One powder/liquid ratio for all

Product No. Packaging
505-100 100 x 100gm with 3 bottles of liquid
506-100 100 x 100gm without liquid
505-150 70 x 150gm with 3 bottles of liquid
506-150 70 x 150gm without liquid
505-120 12 x 1 kg with 4 bottles of liquid
506-120 12 x 1 kg without liquid
505-010 Vest-All Special Liquid (16 oz/bottle)
  • Used for both alloys and pressable ceramic.
  • Freeze stable high expansion liquid to ensure perfect casting fit year round.
  • Flexible burnout: fast and slow without cracking.
  • Smooth casting and easy to devest.
  • Perfect for ring and ringless system.
  • Made in the U.S.A.

Technique Instructions for Alloys 

Powder to Liquid Ratio
Vest-All is suitable for all casting systems. This investment is specifically designed for all dental alloys, and therefore dilution is required.

Non-precious alloys
100 gm Powder----15.0 ml of special liquid + 9.0 ml of water.
150 gm Powder----22.5 ml of special liquid + 13.5 ml of water.

Semi-precious and precious alloys
100 gm powder----14.0 ml of special liquid + 10.0 ml of water.
150 gm powder----21.0 ml of special liquid + 15.0 ml of water.

To increase expansion, use more special liquid and less water. To get less expansion, use less special liquid and more water. Keep the total volume of the solution constant.

Mixing and Investing
Incorporate the powder into the liquid and hand spatulate for 10 seconds.  Mix under vacuum for 90 seconds (120 seconds for amounts larger than 100 gm).  Hold in a vacuum for 10 seconds. Pour slowly into the ring until Vest-All covers the wax pattern. Continue to fill the ring without vibration until full.  Bench set for 60 minutes for normal burnout.  Bench set for 15-25 minutes for rapid burnout.

Rapid Burnout
Allow the ring to bench set for 15-25 minutes or until the mold becomes hot.  Place the mold into the burnout furnace for 40-60 minutes at the recommended temperatures: Non-Precious alloy 1600F (871C), Precious and Semi-Precious Alloys 1500F (816C) and cast.  For an invested ring that has bench set over a 24-hour period, soak in water for 3-5 minutes and then follow the rapid burnout procedure.

Vest-All can be used in the normal burnout procedure where the bench set is overnight and the furnace comes on early in the morning and held at the burnout temperatures for at least 1 hour before casting.

Technique Instructions for Pressable Ceramic

Powder to Liquid Ratio
Total volume of solution is: 100 gm -> 24 ml, 200 gm -> 48 ml

Recommended starting ratio:
A. For the Empress/Leach & Dillon/Finesse Systems
100 gm powder: 15 ml special liquid plus 9 ml water
200 gm powder: 30 ml special liquid plus 18 ml water
B. For the OPC /Empress II Systems
100 gm powder: 16 ml special liquid plus 8 ml water
200 gm powder: 32 ml special liquid plus 16 ml water

To increase expansion, use more special liquid and less water. To get less expansion, use less special liquid and more water. Keep the total volume of the solution constant.

Mixing and Investing
For the best results, the liquid and powder temperatures should be used between 21 - 26C (70 - 78F). At low speeds (200 - 500 rpm), mix under a vacuum for 90 seconds, (if mixing more than 200 gm at a time, then mixing time should be more than 90 seconds) then invest - no need to vibrate or hold in a vacuum.

Vibrate the investment into a paper ring using a sable brush to paint the critical areas. Then completely fill the ring with the remaining investment and place the trim gauge on top of the paper ring, pushing the investment through the hole.

Bench set for 25 minutes. After removing the paper ring and trim gauge, immediately place the mold into a pre-heated oven at 1565F (852C), and hold at that temperature for 30 minutes, then begin the normal pressing cycle.


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