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Product No. Packaging
520-500 50 x 100g with 2 bottles of liquid
522-501 50 x 100g without liquid
520-501 50 x 100g with 2 bottles of liquid
and paper rings
520-030 SuperVest PC special liquid (16 oz)
  • A time saving investment for pressable ceramic.
  • Bench set for 30 minutes and immediately put into a preheated oven at 1565F (852C).
  • Perfect for layered crowns, veneers, inlays and onlays as well as the traditional pressed crowns.
  • Easy to devest.

Investment for Pressable Ceramic Technique Instructions

Powder to Liquid Ratio
Total volume of solution used is: 100 gm > 22.5 ml, 200gm > 45ml

Recommended starting Ratio:
A. For the Empress/Leach & Dillon/Finesse Systems
100 gm powder: 13.5 ml special liquid plus 9.0 ml water
200 gm powder: 27.0 ml special liquid plus 18.0 ml water
B. For the OPC/Empress II Systems
100 gm powder: 15.0 ml special liquid plus 7.5 ml water
200 gm powder: 30.0 ml special liquid plus 15.0 ml water

To increase expansion, use more special liquid and less water. To get less expansion, use less special liquid and more water. Keep the total volume of the solution constant.

Mixing Instructions
For best results liquid and powder temperature should be between 24 - 27C (75 - 80F). At slow speed (200 - 500 rpm) mix under vacuum for 90 seconds, (if mixing more that 200 gm at a time, then mixing time should be more than 90 seconds) then invest - no need to vibrate or hold in vacuum.

Vibrate the investment into paper ring using a sable brush to paint critical areas, then completely fill ring with remaining investment and place trim gauge on top paper ring pushing investment through hole.

Bench set for 30 minutes. After removing paper ring and trip gauge, immediately place mold into a pre-heated oven at 1565F, and hold at that temperature for 30 minutes, then begin normal pressing cycle. 



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