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High Fusing Solder/Flux Paste

Product # Description Grams per Jar
200-211 Durabond
High Fusing 
200-212 Ceradium
High Fusing 
  • Used for soldering metal frameworks before porcelains bake on.
  • Also used for repairing Casting holes and extending the margins.
  • Easy to use.
  • Constant results.

Directions for High fusing solder:

The high fusing solder/flux paste is supplied in paste form. If It is dried out, add a few drops of distilled water and wait for the paste to absorb the water, then mix to a thick mix.

1. Seat the framework to be soldered on the master cast and splint the units together with sticky wax (and reinforcement rods if required). The space between the unit to be soldered should be 0.3mm.

2. Remove this assembly and invest in a good high heat solder investment.

3. After the investment sets, trim the soldering assembly to 3/8 inch thick.

4. Remove wax from the assembly and air abrade the solder joint to ensure a clean area for soldering.

5. Apply solder paste into space to be soldered and build the paste into space to be soldered and build the paste over the area.

6. Place the solder assembly in a drying oven at 116C (240F) to preheat and dry the investment for 30 minutes.

7. Use a single orifice torch, adjust your torch flame to be the same as when soldering gold.

8. Heat the investment patty and framework by moving the flame from the soldering torch in a circular motion until the framework is bright red.

9. When the solder paste starts to flow in the solder area direct tip of the flame onto the molten solder to flash the solder. It will appear silver in color.

10. Remove the flame.
11. Cool, clean and shape the solder joint.
12. Blast with 50 micron aluminum oxide at 80 psi. Clean with distilled water in ultrasonic cleaner for 5 minutes.
13. Framework is ready for porcelain.


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