Matech was established in 1980 by professionals with strong backgrounds in materials science and dental technology to develop unique materials for the dental industry. Through the years, we have developed different non-precious alloys for porcelain applications as well as gag-free alginates, both regular and chromatic impression material. More recently, we have introduced a fine grain high heat investment for both pressable ceramic and casting alloys. Matech has also developed materials that meet with special customer needs upon request in other industries.

Matech is dedicated to providing quality dental products that improve the productivity and profitability of the dental industry. It is our goal to provide quality products at a reasonable price so that there is total customer satisfaction.

Matech is committed to providing customers with quality products that meet technical and product safety requirements. We deliver the best products possible through stringent manufacturing procedures and extensive quality control tests, with a good customer service to ensure satisfaction to our customers. 

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